You’re here because you want to feel better or even better.

Yet, we are living in a day and age of so many choices and so much conflicting information on how to do so.
Never before did we have so many options in how we feed and nourish ourselves. We are inundated with various theories and research on what to feed ourselves. Much of the information we get is contradictory: paleo or raw vegan? Ayurvedic or Nourishing Traditions? So many choices can leave us confused and we just go back to what is comfortable.

You may be noticing that in the sea of choices that what you are choosing may not be the best for your body, your mind or your spirit. You may even want your cravings to be more intelligent – so that you naturally would reach for or order that which would make you feel great.

This is an exciting time. Never have we had so much access to different foods and different strategies to evolve our health. Never have we had so much access to eastern and western strategies to evolve our body, mind and spiritual wellness. The opportunity is huge. You can learn how to take better care of yourself in a short period of time to have long lasting benefits.

One of the methods to uplevel your physical, mental and spiritual health is through doing a detox. In the world of detox, again, there are many choices. Too many it may seem. Liver cleanse or colon cleanse? Master cleanse or juice fast? Kitchari mono-diet or just buy a ZAND kit from the drugstore? If we don’t really know what we’re doing, we can stress our system, become discouraged, and be left feeling like detox doesn’t work for us.
We’ve been approaching detox from a western perspective. We think it’s about what herbs we take and what foods we eat.

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We have more access to amazing plant medicines from around the planet, and we are led by nutrition pop-culture and green smoothie porn to think that the plants hold the key to detox. But this is part of a larger problem in our understanding … in the worldview of our current culture. It’s still a pill and a bill mentality, brought to us by the pharmaceutical industry.. .instead of a holistic approach to what really accelerates our wellness trajectory..

Awakening a truly holistic, a truly body-mind-spirit approach to detox is what holds the key to your personal wellness. Of course, it’s not easy. It’s easier to believe an herb in a capsule will do the trick. Or simply following a specific food or beverage plan for 10 days will launch your better body.

What you really are after is a better way of being in your body. You need better habits. You need to cultivate healthier cravings. You need some time to get out of your current cycle. You need a time out. And you may sense that you don’t have time to do it.
After helping hundreds of people cultivate better habits, smarter cravings, and a good looking body I’ve discovered a very simple method for detox. I teach this method in the Yogidetox.

How you will feel after your Yogidetox:

  • You feel clear, light and uplifted
  • You are strong inside and out
  • Your Immune System will work better to protect you.
  • You will fall in love with your body. Seriously.
  • You will look and feel younger.

Check out the better habits you will have in 3 weeks:

  • You will crave healthier food.
  • You will use your Kitchen more intelligently.
  • You will probably enjoy meditating to relieve stress
  • You will fall in love with your body. Seriously.
  • You’ll make better choices in line with your long-term goals

I’ve had so many Yogidetoxers in their 40’s, 50’s and 60′s tell me they feel better in their body than they ever have in their entire life. Most of us have no idea how good we can feel.

You may not have yet experienced that health is an evolutionary path – that you can get better at aging. You can get yourself on a quick and easy wellness trajectory.

Welcome to a fun and nourishing program to upgrade your body.

After teaching detoxes I know that your habits determine your health. The Yogidetox focuses on creating better habits in 2-3 short weeks. You’ll change what you are eating. You’ll change when go to bed. You’ll change what you watch, what you listen to. You’re going to press the reset button.

Then, after 2-3 short weeks, a new momentum will be established. You’ll be waking up earlier with great energy. You’ll be craving foods that light up your cells. You’ll be in the flow of better health. It’s really quite simple.
This new integrity is within your reach. And the good news is that you can make lasting changes in your cravings, your habits, your diet, and your energy level in three short weeks. We’ll guide you how to prepare for your detox. You get step-by-step instruction to get out that stuff you’re tired of carrying around in your cells. Then, we’ll guide you out of the detox and into your new-and-improved normal daily life.

Who is the Yogidetox best suited for?

The full range of beginning yoga students through advanced yoga teachers are all welcome. I will lead you deeper into your intuition, your body, and your kitchen.

The Yogidetox has 2 options: Beginners and Advanced.

The Beginners course suits those who have never cleansed before. The Advanced is geared to those who have at least one 5+ day detox experience under their belt. Many will have much more than that.

Start in your own shoes

Some people start the detox as coffee-drinking, whiskey drinking, pot smokers. And others start with a zen-like clarity and yogic-like inner body purity. We have room for all, and there are 2 levels to engage.

If this is your first cleanse you will start to undo the patterns that are getting you into deeper trouble each year. You will learn the tools and put the basic strategies into place to build a better body.You will let go of outdated patterns and outdated cravings that keep you locked into your current cycle.

You’ll feel your body getting smarter. And you will be better able to meet the deeper needs of your body. Your cravings will become more intelligent. You’ll get better self-care habits. It’s sort of magical.

Who does the Yogidetox?

  • Beginners who know they could feel better if they could just change
  • People who want to drop-20-pounds-before-summer-and-avoid-their-spring-allergies
  • Detox warrior priestesses, who join to be in this community of vibrant health evolutionaries

If you dig yoga, you want to do a detox that is designed around the teachings of yoga and health evolution. If you’ve experienced prana you will want to detox with a teacher that understands prana. You’ll be able to go deeper into yoga philosophy, into Ayurveda, and learn your anatomy with you inner eye.

If would like to sign up or find out more please click here to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs