The Studio is open 30 minutes before and after scheduled class.
The room is heated to 105 with 40% humidity. The heat combined with the sequence of the postures is what makes Bikram yoga so special. The heated room allows you to work deeper in a shorter amount of time, realizing quicker results. Heat makes stretching easier as well helps prevent injuries. Yoga is not just about working muscles: you are massaging deep tissues, glands and organs as well. Sweating helps flush toxins from your body giving your skin a beautiful glow.
Classes are 90 minutes. Please arrive 30 minutes early for classes.
Bring a mat, 2 big towels, water and wear comfortable clothing. You can also rent or buy all these items at the studio if you prefer.
Yes, we have a conveniently located parking garage connected to our studio. Our Studio is located on Level P2 of the covered parking garage.

All of our classes are the Bikram’s Beginner Series. It was designed so that all skill levels can participate and still receive all the benefits.
Everyday! The more you practice the more prevalent the benefits will be. Some of us do not have a schedule that allows for daily practice, so come as often as you are able. Just be sure to take care of your body and in return your body will take care of you.
That’s okay, the benefits that come from Bikram Yoga come from trying the poses the correct way. In time you will become more flexible.
We do have a lost and found, unfortunately space is limited so we have to donate unclaimed items weekly. Mats and other valuable items may be held separately, please ask the Desk Staff for assistance.
We do have showers for our students, we ask that you are mindful of the time in shower so that other students have use of shower facilities as well.