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The Ayurvedic Lifestyle is the ultimate medicine for the body, mind and spirit.
How you live your daily life is the key factor in determining your health and your quality experience. It is also the factor over which you have the most control. You can’t control the weather or your genetic makeup, but what we do every day either builds up your health, vitality, and resistance to disease, or wears you down. Your moment-to-moment choices — what to eat, how much to eat, how to respond to others, whether to exercise or not, how late to stay up at night and so on — play a major role in your mental and physical health.

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But how do you create your lifestyle, the rhythms of your daily living? Is it just pure habit, based on how your parents lived and how you grew up? Should the time you wake up be dictated by when you need to get to work, and should what you eat be determined by what’s available at the fast food shops? If you decide to take control of your lifestyle and structure new, healthier habits, what principles will guide you? According to Ayurveda, you couldn’t do better than strive to live your life in harmony with Mother Nature.

In Tune with Nature

Ayurveda flourished in a civilization vastly different from life today, a world in which human life was intimately intertwined with the life of nature. The great rhythms and forces of nature — the alternation of day and night, the rhythmic cycle of seasons — all affect us, as do the inevitable seasons and cycles of human life, birth and growth, aging and death. Through the plants we eat for food, the water we drink, and the air we breathe in common with all beings, we are inextricably one with nature.
The sages of settled mind who unfolded the wisdom of Ayurveda saw this, and they saw that the master key to good health is to get ourselves into harmony with nature.
Being in tune with nature also means being in tune with your nature, your constitution. It means being true to your own nature, to how you are built, mentally and emotionally as well as physically. It means that your food and exercise requirements, how much you need to sleep, how much sexual activity is healthy for you, what kind of climate is beneficial, all revolve around your makeup, your individual nature.
Living in accordance with nature and natural law means continually balancing our inner ecology by adjusting to our ever-changing environment on a daily basis.

Invent: Your body, Your dharma, Your life at the level

I take you through a 10 week program teaching you the daily habits that will help you become more aligned with nature and more aligned with yourself.

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